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OUR PRODUCT:  THE ESPRYX™ production process

Innovative, flexible, automated, and mass-scalable process to produce TEG and TEC/Peltier modules

The state-of-the-art manufacturing of TEG and TEC/Peltier modules relies on manual assembly of a multitude of individual TE legs.
Our production process allows the production of TEG and TEC/Peltier modules in a fully automated industrially scalable process. 

The process enables the simultaneous production of all legs of a TEG/TEC within a mechanically robust, thermally and electrically insulating carrier material. The first generation of modules has used the well-established thermoelectric material bismuth telluride (Bi2Te3) with its high Seebeck coefficient and good temperature stability as the active material. The process also permits the use of new innovative materials with superior properties that are under development.

ESPRYX Production process

ESPRYX™ production process details

More details on the production process are to be found here. Furthermore, an animation describes the main steps of the process and key features. MORE...

Image of an ESPRYX module, the Evonik brand name for the thermoelectric generator (TEG) modules. Such modules come out from the manufacturing process developed at Evonik Creavis GmbH. The proces is automated, flexible and cost efficient.

Key features of the resulting modules

Not only the production process has been developed and tested, but the resulting modules (successful pilot series production) are being distributed to test costumers. The special combination of key features makes them the best fit for certain applications. MORE...

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