Image of an active vulcano. Red lava is running down the side of the vulcano. From the top hole thick smoke is also coming out. The sky is grey and there are clouds all around the vulcano. The image symbolizes waste heat; heat that is not currently used.


Thermoelectric generator (TEG) & heat pump (PELTIER) modules produced by a new, flexible, automated, and mass-scalable process

Schematic representation of a pair of thermoelectric material legs (n and p). One side is heated (hot side) the other one is the cold side. The properties of the TE materials allow for a voltage generation proportional to the temperature difference.


Thermoelectric generators (TEGs) convert heat into electrical energy and thus enable the utilization of waste heat, for example from industrial processes. More…

Image of an ESPRYX module, the Evonik brand name for the thermoelectric generator (TEG) modules. Such modules come out from the manufacturing process developed at Evonik Creavis GmbH. The proces is automated, flexible and cost efficient.

ESPRYX™ Modules

The durable, powerful TEG modules which come in a completely new design are to be marketed under the brand name ESPRYX™. Thanks to their choice of materials and a special black protective coating ESPRYX™ performs well at temperatures up to remarkable 280°C. More…

Graphical representation of the manufacturing process steps for ESPRYX. Each step is done with existing industrial machinery. The quality of the modules can be tested after any of the steps, e.g. electrical resistance.

Manufacturing Process

After work spanning several years, a team at Creavis has now come up with a high-performance approach that allows the production of TEG modules in a fully automated industrially scalable process and therefore at reduced cost. More…

Application Fields

Energy-intensive industries such as the production and processing of cement, glass, ceramics and metal offer particularly high potential for energy recovery from waste heat. Such facilities frequently reach temperatures far above 200°C. More…