Path made out of stones across a river. Representation of the achieved milestones of the project.


After work spanning several years, a team at Evonik has now come up with a high-performance approach that allows the production of thermoelectric modules in a fully automated industrially scalable process. 

Creavis HighTEG Project

Key milestones: 

  • 2006: First patents @ Evonik

  • 2007-2018: Evonik invests in the development of an innovative production process for thermoelectric modules

  • 2010-2014: Evonik is partner in the funded alliance project “Highly efficient manufacturing of Thermoelectric Generators (High-TEG)”

  • 2016: German Sustainability Research Award

  • 2017: ESPRYX™ pilot production

  • Since 2018: Field testing in relevant application and process optimization and documentation

Representation of the development time-line for ESPRYX. Thermoelectricity was already discovered in 1787. The first Evonik patents are from 2006. In 2010 starteg the funded HighTEG project to develop an efficient manufacturing process. 2017 the A-Series

Awards & publications:

Logo from the award Deutcher nachhaltigkeitspreis forschung 2016 won by the ESPRYX production process

German Sustainability Research Award in 2016

The concept won the German Sustainability Research Award in 2016. The ecological life cycle (cradle-to-grave) analysis is positive. Thermoelectric modules produced according to the ESPRYX™ process contribute significantly to CO2 emission reductions.

The national German Sustainability Award (in German only)
Logo of the Klima Expo NRW Step Award. In 2018 ESPRYX™ was awarded with the 288th  step of such initiative.

KlimaExpo.NRW 2018

As the 288th out of 1,000 positive examples for climate protection in and from North Rhine-Westphalia, the KlimaExpo.NRW initiative selected Creavis' ESPRYX™ production process.

KlimaExpo.NRW Step 288 for HighTEG
Cover of the magazine Giesserei where the ESPRYX team published a paper related with the innovative process

Giesserei (publication available only in German)

Stefan Schumann, Dirk Lehmann, Patrick Stenner, Sascha Hoch: Abwärmenutzung mit thermoelektrischen Generatoren. GIESSEREI 104 (10/2017), p. 64 ff.

GIESSEREI Publication (in German only)