Key milestones: 

  • 2006: First patents @ Evonik
  • 2007-2018: Evonik invests in the development of an innovative production process for thermoelectric modules
  • 2010-2014: Evonik is partner in the funded alliance project “Highly efficient manufacturing of Thermoelectric Generators (High-TEG)”
  • 2016: German Sustainability Research Award
  • 2017: ESPRYX™ pilot production
  • Since 2018: Field testing in relevant application and process optimization and documentation

After work spanning several years, a team at Evonik has now come up with a high-performance approach that allows the production of thermoelectric modules in a fully automated industrially scalable process. 

Awards & publications:

German Sustainability Research Award in 2016

The concept won the German Sustainability Research Award in 2016. The ecological life cycle (cradle-to-grave) analysis is positive. Thermoelectric modules produced according to the ESPRYX™ process contribute significantly to CO2 emission reductions.

KlimaExpo.NRW 2018

As the 288th out of 1,000 positive examples for climate protection in and from North Rhine-Westphalia, the KlimaExpo.NRW initiative selected Creavis' ESPRYX™ production process.

Giesserei (publication available only in German)

Stefan Schumann, Dirk Lehmann, Patrick Stenner, Sascha Hoch: Abwärmenutzung mit thermoelektrischen Generatoren. GIESSEREI 104 (10/2017), p. 64 ff.